God In Me

Mary Mary

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2009-04-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:10

Music Video


  • The Only God In This Video Is...

    By Kolomonkey
    The only God that is in this video is the God of this evil age.... In other words the devil. The only thing that I see in this video is the devils fashion, style & evil. So Sad.... So Sad.... And I Agree With OliviaGray.
  • Best

    By Dragon style
    This is a great video
  • God In Me

    By Angela Whitelaw
    I absolutely LOVE this song; and Mary Mary!
  • Catchy song but..

    By EasierLyfe
    I thought this was a t-pain track lol Anyway I like them but this video is over the top!! Models with short dresses oh yeah that shows the god in them!! Mary Mary not saying you don't love god just questioning how you represent him!!
  • what happened???

    By katherineray
    i like the song, but the video ruins it. you cant be walking down runways in "sexy" clothing, and talking about "it's the god in me". I was looked forward to sweet, innocent people with a plain shirt and jeans walking down runways. this is so bad!!! dont buy! if it werent for the lyrics, i would think this WAS NOT a christian video
  • It's the God in me!

    By FireFallDown20
    To those who have written bad reviews, let me just clarify something here. When she talks about what she's got, she is saying she has been GIVEN it by God. You are mislead and don't understand this. Our generation has been lied to by false teachers who say that money isn't for today. If it isn't for today, then why do half of you have to deal with financial issues and poverty? Now listen here, this song is what our generation needs, and whether you like it or not, we need to know that our God supplies ALL our needs according to HIS riches and glory, and you people need to understand that Mary Mary is telling you that if you seek God's Word and do as he says, you can have all that you ask or think. For all you people who think this isn't Christian, you must be listening to the spiritual death they play on the radio. Not only that, but you are too focused on the clothes and not the message.
  • Not truly christian music

    By virtuousvessel
    You will know them by their fruit. Wow what happened to Holiness. Sounds like something that would be played at the club. Show a difference between clean and unclean. We are christians lets dress as becoming holiness, not in old womens clothing but without revealing all that skin, better left for our spouses. Two thumbs down MaryMary sounds lilke a crossover album
  • Great Beat. Poor Message.

    By DrinkardJoseph
    The first thing that I thought about this song was: WOW! This is awesome! Another song I can do some serious driving to! However, upon listening to "The Sound" I discovered, unfortunately, that this album is a great listen, but poor in message. To me, this song points to Mary Mary's Gucci and how people "wanna get like me" only to mask it by saying, "It's the God in Me." When I saw the :30 clip of the video, it sealed the deal. I didn't see God or a christian message. I saw mini-shirts and a subtle sensuality. However, the saddest part of the album is "Superfriend" with David Banner. If you print out the lyrics to his rap in the middle, it is laced with weak Christianity and a tolerance to sin issue in your life as long as you know "people think I'm bad because in my music I curse/ but my Superfriend holds me at night..." One can only assume that, to allow this on THEIR album, it means this is a message that they support. To me, it looks like a grapsing for higher album sales by bringing in a well-known secular artist. This music... is great. But the message is weak, so I am being generous in giving them a 2/5 Stars.
  • God In ME!!

    By cammy120
    All of the people that are saying Mary Mary aren't Christians and aren't following God, well you are wrong. See you guys aren't listening to the songs at all! All you see and hear are fast beats like hip-hop and you guys are thinking because they changed their beat that they are not christians any more but they changed to attract younger listeners because all they listen to now is hip-hop/ rap music. So they had an idea and they stuck with it and they had good feedback. And also, all the people out there that don't think God In Me is a Christian song y'all better think twice! God in Me is saing that if you have faith in God he will help you get through the troubled times and get you back on your feet.
  • God in Me

    By The Lioness
    Mary, Mary are wonderful. This is a very empowering song. Ki-Ki Sheard is so awesome as well.