Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

Paul's Boutique

Beastie Boys

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 1989-07-31
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 1989 Capitol Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
To All the Girls Beastie Boys 1:29 USD 1.29
Shake Your Rump Beastie Boys 3:19 USD 1.29
Johnny Ryall Beastie Boys 3:00 USD 1.29
Egg Man Beastie Boys 2:57 USD 1.29
High Plains Drifter Beastie Boys 4:13 USD 1.29
The Sounds of Science Beastie Boys 3:11 USD 1.29
3-Minute Rule Beastie Boys 3:39 USD 1.29
Hey Ladies Beastie Boys 3:47 USD 1.29
5-Piece Chicken Dinner Beastie Boys 0:23 USD 1.29
Looking Down the Barrel of a G Beastie Boys 3:28 USD 1.29
Car Thief Beastie Boys 3:39 USD 1.29
What Comes Around Beastie Boys 3:07 USD 1.29
Shadrach Beastie Boys 4:07 USD 1.29
Ask for Janice Beastie Boys 0:11 USD 1.29
B-Boy Bouillabaisse: 59 Chryst Beastie Boys 12:33 USD Album Only


  • ❤️

    By Trust and Us
  • One great album

    By Mikewords
    True classic! Never will be duplicated....
  • Awesome

    By floofballs24
    This is so awesome. I’ve been listening since I was little and finally got it on iTunes (I lost my cd ☹️) but the beastie boys are a hidden treasure. This deserves way more than five stars- above and beyond!!
  • Borderline perfection

    By The Tony Show
    Probably the only album I can listen to, start to finish, and never want to skip a single track. They all flow from one to the next, the attitude rising and falling as it goes- like a musical adventure through different genres and tones. Tap your toes, bob your head, shake your rump(ah). It’s amazing.
  • Genius

    By ig3371
    This collection of songs that roll into each other is genius. This album is way ahead of its time. Absolute masterpiece, these guys were the masters of hip hop/rock/pop/and yes about that rolled into an album........a masterpiece......a legend.....thankyou
  • Glad this one failed.

    By nuenjins
    Besides a few breaks, this one bombed with 'not so fun' themes and alot of weak music for a backdrop. People seem to love this in hindsight with the future success of Dust Brothers and The big Beastie comeback of Check Your Head, but this one bombed upon release for good reason. It just wasn't as raw or fun as the album that made them a household name. Although I have 'outgrown' the juvenile themes of License To ILL, prefering Check Your Head and beyond, this albums failure seemed to prod them into what made them a truly unique band and not just another adolecent rap troup.
  • High Plains Drifter

    By Fishing t
    One of the top 3 Beasties jams of all time!
  • Great ALBUM

    By KB 18
    This one of the very few rap/hip-hop ALBUMS. This is more than a collection of singles thrown together with an idiotic, thug-life cover. This is an outstanding artistic effort that is presented in a rap vein. The sound, production, vocals and samples all form an amazing portrait of being a young adult in the late-1980s. Listen to it start to finish. If I could give it six stars, I would.
  • Wow

    By Cae1nika
    This album is BOSSZ!
  • you can't say you're a head and not have this

    By Oldschoolhead
    This was about 2 months before you had to clear samples, and the Dust Brothers new that was coming, like my man said, I'm a little older, but I've been down since 14 y/o. for 5.99? buy one less meal at McDonalds and get some culture in your life, like you can speak about music with the knowledge that, yeah, I own Pauls Boutique. High Plains Drifter, live it, love it....

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