The Battle of Yaldabaoth - Infant Annihilator

The Battle of Yaldabaoth

Infant Annihilator

  • Genre: Death Metal/Black Metal
  • Release Date: 2019-09-11
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2019 Infant Annihilator


Title Artist Time
Childchewer Infant Annihilator 2:46 USD 0.99
Three Bastards Infant Annihilator 4:17 USD 0.99
The Kingdom Sitteth Lonely Ben Infant Annihilator 7:06 USD 0.99
Ov Sacrament and Sincest (feat Infant Annihilator 3:19 USD 0.99
Feast Ov Goreglutton Infant Annihilator 2:23 USD 0.99
Plaguebearer Infant Annihilator 5:02 USD 0.99
Swinaecologist Infant Annihilator 3:37 USD 0.99
A Rape of Sirens (feat. Alex T Infant Annihilator 4:40 USD 0.99
Empusa: Queen of the Damned Infant Annihilator 5:07 USD 0.99
Ere the Crimson Dawn Infant Annihilator 3:30 USD 0.99
Thy Faith, Thy Oblivion Infant Annihilator 3:30 USD 0.99
The Battle of Yaldabaoth (feat Infant Annihilator 6:05 USD 0.99
Necropocalypse Infant Annihilator 5:32 USD 0.99
Paedophilic Legacy Infant Annihilator 0:32 USD 0.99


  • Yes

    By Bigred 2
    I dig 🙌🏼
  • Different but refreshing vibe!

    By CplSpazy
    I love the death metal vibe they went with on this go around! Drums are still brutal and the lyrics are still over the top but the sound is more mature and polished! Great work, Infant Annihilator 😈😈😈🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
  • No denying talent but...

    By zildjiank
    Fast pace for sure. But lacks depth. Sounds like they just press the pace for no reason at all, and the sound is entirely different from the bone crushing rhythms, powerful throaty screaming and detail of the first album. The sound got as dark as they could go- and this time they seem like they want to make it as evil as possible as well. The raspy screaming is so prevalent it’s actually annoying. I hate to say it but other than fast pace- it sounds washed out. Haven’t bought the second two albums. Go back to original sound and album- it’s literally the best ever made.
  • Absolutely amazing.

    By DRrockzo1993
    Truly remarkable band and album. This really should be in the top 10. This ban’s talent is out of this world. The drum pace is intoxicating. Words can barely describe just how amazing this band is. Hat’s off to you.
  • When us IA fans thought they couldn't get better.

    By Tesnodd
    They surprise us with this masterpiece. Was shocked at how good it was. New but still IA. 10/10
  • IA in it’s best form

    By 2soccmxer531
    They seemed to take their over-the-top shock-factor show-off sound and use it to make more intricate songs with much more groove and melody. I love it
  • Wow

    By Bigfooott
    Straight bangers on this one. Crazy vocals/Solid instrumentals
  • Masterpiece

    By dkray56
    If you can’t appreciate this, then you probably aren’t able to recognize genius in any form because this is a masterpiece. The amount of complexity, thought, and time that went into this is more than probably anyone who would turn their nose to it could understand.
  • Great

    By osi_amirali
  • Killing it again

    By IBcomeDeath
    IA has been a pretty unique deathcore band from the start with the intensely brutal approach of multiple voices, up and down timing with riffs and breakdowns and solos. This album is a way more polished version of themselves. The drums arnt so tight and have a deeper sound. Hitting those 800+ bpm sections sound way better now!