Ray of Light


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1998-05-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:05

Music Video


  • Blah Blah never watch it

    By Music Money Maker
    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The song is boring!!
  • Where's the album?

    By Riley Ombac
    This isn't for the music video (Hell, I loved it!), this is for iTunes. Where the hell is the Ray Of Light album??? I tried searching for it around here, because it was up on here before, and now it just disappeared...
  • cool

    By musicwillneverdie
    really like this video. :] its cool how its the same director who made lady gagas telephone video
  • weird!!!!

    By sweetbannana1
    this is a very WEIRD music video but i like the song
  • Stunning

    By Ja999
    My favorite Madonna song ever and her hottest reinvention. This song takes me back to 1998 everytime I hear it, definitely a modern classic!
  • And I feel!

    By Evanescence rocks
    One of my fav Madonna videos to ever come out now all we need is Human Nautre!
  • Wow..! Fast..!

    By Al!ce
    Great song! This video is faster than a ray of light! The 1st time I saw it I was like, woah.
  • Excellent

    By skirmich
    Good song and Excellent Album too, BUT IM PISSED >> iTunes why you dont have the "Beautiful Stranger" VIDEO!!!!! i want it!!!!! my wallet prays for the day i can have that video on my iPhone G3
  • I like it.

    By #1victoriousfan
    This video & song are cool but the video is not explicit.
  • Neat video, but Peter Gabriel was first

    By IAmMrsMoore
    FindTheTime80's review mentioned something about this video starting the "time lapse fad" in music videos. But I believe Peter Gabriel actual pulled off the first really popular video (I can't recall the song title, sorry) about 10 years before Ray Of Light was made. The technique, called stop-motion animation, was actually pioneered many decades prior to the invention of MTV -- the old kid shows "Gumby & Pokey" and "Davy & Goliath," and of course SNL's "Mr. Bill," are examples of stop-motion animation -- and several artists experimented with it in videos even before Peter Gabriel. But I think it's fair to say his was the one that made the biggest mark, and inspired more artists to make use of the technique. In Ray of Light, it looks like a combo of stop-motion of Madonna in front of a green screen, with some other technique providing the occasional super-fast-motion background projected behind her. Anyway, just a little nerd-talk for y'all.

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